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Digital Financial Platform for the Gig Economy.

  • Create a USD, GBP, EUR accounts to  receive payments for your gigs.
  • Automate employer billing.
  • Debit cards for easy spending.
  • Build your credit score.
Go borderless with us

Endless possibilities with Geegpay.

With Geegpay, it's easy to convert to your local currency at competitive exchange rates in minutes. Send money and receive money from overseas, and spend globally with Geegpay virtual and physical cards.

Get free instant USD, EUR, GBP Accounts.

Reduce cost and avoid delay in getting paid from your employer by creating a personalized foreign bank accounts to start receiving money like a pro you are!

Save money on international inflow.
No maintenance cost . No minimum balance.

Auto-Bill your Employer

Let Geegpay generate your monthly or weekly invoice so that you can focus on what matters. Our system can auto-bill your employers using your settings. Keep track of your invoices for future evidence.


Hustle smartly with a full-stack online bank account that suits your needs.

Free Transfer

Easily send and receive money from friends and families at zero cost using Geeg tag or email.

Multi-withdrawal Channels

Withdraw your fund to banks and mobile money in over 100 countries, Paypal, Wise and Revolut.

Instant Exchange

Exchange foreign currency to NGN, KES, GHS and others at competitive exchange rates in seconds.
Mobile app

Do more on the go.

Geegpay is coming soon to Google and Apple store!

DEBIT cards

Spend with no barrier

Easily spend across millions of websites with our
customized virtual and physical debit cards.

Lifestyle Benefits :
Spend across the globe with Geegpay card
Manage expenses by setting spending limit
Lifestyle Benefits :
Physical MasterCard
Travel round the world with Geegpay card
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We’re there during rainy days.

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Salary Advance
Low interest salary advance
We provide your pay evidence to lending platforms
Get your home-office equipments
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Converting at transparent rates!

“ The fact I can get salary in USD and also sell at a good exchange rate on the same platform  and still have a USD salary account makes Geegpay the best. Salary advance also makes my life easier. Thanks Geegpay❤️“
Product Designer

Invoice automation is seamless!

“ I recently started using Geegpay and the experience has been wow as I don't have to keep track of when to send invoice to my employer .
Sola A
Software Engineer

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Frequently asked questions

Get answers to all questions you have
and boost your knowledge about Geegpay.
How long does it take to get my virtual bank account?

It is instant.

What's the fee for receiving in my account?

You're charged only 0.9% when you received fund in your virtual bank account.
The minimum  charges is $1.5.

What's the fee for converting with in currency?

Our conversion fee is zero.

Can I use my USD account on Upwork, Deel, Fiverr, or Payoneer?

Yes, it can be used on any platform that accepts USD bank account.

How long does it take to be verified?

Account verification is instant for International Passport, Driver's License and Voter's Card. NIN can take between 24 - 48 hours.

Where can I transfer to?

You can transfer to local bank accounts in Nigeria & Wise.

Can I use my Virtual Account to receive funds outside the US?

No, you can only receive funds with your virtual account within the US or only via US banks.

How long does it take for a transfer to reflect in my Virtual Account?

It takes 1 - 2 business days. This also depends  on the payment method used by the sender.

Where can I use my virtual USD card?

Our virtual USD cards are accepted across millions of websites.

What is  my Virtual USD card billing address?

651 North Broad Street, Suite 206, Middletown ,19709 Delaware, USA.

Why is  my USD bank account number more than 10 digits?

US bank accounts can be from 6 to 17 digits.

Does my USD bank account support ACH deposits?

Yes, it does.

Can I have more than one Geegpay account profile?

No, you can only create one account profile. More than one account is not allowed. If users try to create more than one account profile, the accounts will be suspended immediately.

Is Geegpay secure?

Yes! We utilise industry-standard security protocols that leverage encryption for transferring data. Encryption helps create a secure environment for the information being transferred, and we ensure that account data is never stored on your device!