Geegpay Diaries: Meet David Jaja: The Tech Maestro with a Twist! ~ Episode 3

Who is David Jaja, and What's His Gig?

Hello, I'm David Jaja, a dedicated front-end engineer and a passionate tech storyteller. Envision me as the digital artisan crafting the aesthetic essence of websites while disseminating technical wisdom through my writings.

What led you to do what you do?
My university days began with aspirations to master practical programming, but soon I encountered the rigorous realm of mathematics and theoretical studies. However, in the transformative year of 2021, during my sophomore year, with guidance from David Herbert and a steadfast resolve, my journey in technology truly began.

What has surprised you most about your job?
Transitioning from the structured academic environment to the dynamic world of freelancing, I encountered the necessity for self-discipline. This journey allowed me to find my rhythm and introduced me to remarkable individuals in the tech community, each contributing uniquely to my professional palette.

Was this what you wanted to do growing up? What was it you wanted to become?
During my secondary school years, I was captivated by Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. However, the expansive and welcoming web development community eventually drew me in. Despite this, the allure of my initial interests remains, and I might explore them further in the future.

What problem were you looking to solve when you found Geegpay?
My inaugural tech engagement in 2023 brought forth the challenge of managing international payments. Geegpay emerged as the preferred solution, highly recommended for its efficiency and positive reputation within the tech community.

How long have you been using Geegpay?
Since joining Geegpay around February or March 2023, the experience has been largely favourable. The platform facilitates rapid detail exchanges, and swift payments within a two-day window, and boasts an invaluable in-app invoice feature. A word of caution: be meticulous with invoice details. I once faced a minor ordeal due to an address typo.

If you had one advice for your younger self, what would it be? And why?
Reflecting on my past, I would advise my younger self to focus on mastering fundamental concepts. Being fortunate to receive guidance from experienced developers, I extend the same counsel to budding tech writers: solidify your foundational knowledge before embarking on the tech writing odyssey. A robust foundation is the cornerstone of success in this ever-evolving field.