Save 15% on International Delivery Fees with FEZ DELIVERY When you Shop and Pay with your Geegpay Virtual Dollar Card

Geegpay is partnering with FEZ DELIVERY to make global shopping and payment so much easier. Now, Nigerian shoppers can shop at their favourite international stores like Zara, Aliexpress, Temu, Ebay, Asos, Shein, and Amazon using their Geegpay virtual USD card and use the promo code, RAENEST15, to get 15% off delivery fees when they ship their purchases home to Nigeria with FEZ DELIVERY.

Say you're a fashion enthusiast who loves to look stylish. You visit Zara’s website and see a dress that catches your eye. Unfortunately, delivery fees can sometimes be expensive for international shipping. But with this Geegpay and FEZ DELIVERY partnership, that's no longer a problem. Simply add the dress to your cart, and pay using your Geegpay virtual card. Then enter your order information and the promo code: RAENEST15 on FEZ DELIVERY. FEZ DELIVERY will give you a shipping address for you in the UK (where Zara is located), and Zara will ship your dress to that address. FEZ DELIVERY will then collect your package and handle the international shipping to your doorstep in Nigeria – all for 15% less on delivery fees.

This is just one example, of course. You can use this same process to shop from any international store in the US, China, or UK. Whether you've been eyeing the latest gadgets from Amazon or accessories from AliExpress, beauty products from Ulta or Sephora, or even sporting goods from Nike or Adidas, you can save on shipping costs now with this Geegpay and FEZ DELIVERY promo.

The campaign kicks off on the 8th of May, so get your Geegpay Virtual Dollar cards ready. 

Follow these simple steps to get a Geegpay virtual dollar card:

  • Download the Geegpay app
  • Sign up for free and complete your verification
  • Log in to the Geegpay app
  • Select “Cards” on the Dashboard
  • Tap “Create New” to create a card
  • Choose a colour and name to personalise your card
  • Pay the $1 one-off card creation fee
  • Fund your card with a minimum of $2

Once you’ve funded your card, you can shop with it on any global site.

This Geegpay and FEZ DELIVERY partnership is valid for 60 days, allowing you to make multiple purchases from your favourite international brands and enjoy a 15% discount on delivery fees each time.

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Who can join?

  • This promotion is exclusive to Nigerian Geegpay users.

How to qualify for the 15% discount:

  • Shop online at your favourite international store
  • Copy the Fez storage address for the country you are making the purchase
  • Add this address on the online store checkout so they can ship your items there. For stores in the US, add this phone number: +1 (234) 804-8499. For stores in the UK, add this phone number: +44 7823 396688. For stores in China, add this phone number: +8615918828905
  • Pay and checkout with your Geepay virtual dollar card

Don't have a Geegpay account or virtual card yet?

  • No worries. Sign up for free through the app to unlock the benefits of a virtual USD debit card for easy online transactions.

Using your 15% discount on FEZ DELIVERY:

  • Go back to the Fez Delivery import page ( to complete the form by including your order details, shipping information, registered Geegpay email, and the referral code.
  • Be sure to enter the following information accurately: 

- The email address registered to your Geegpay account

- The promo code: RAENEST15 (to use your 15% discount)

Promotion duration:

  • This offer runs from May 8th, 2024, to July 7th, 2024. Feel free to use the promo code as many times as you want during this period.


About the Promotion:

  • This promotion is a collaboration between Geegpay and FEZ DELIVERY, offering you a 15% discount on international delivery fees when you shop with your Geegpay virtual USD card. 
  • Deliveries are only from the US, UK, and China.
  • The promotion runs from May 8th, 2024, to July 7th, 2024.
  • You can use the promo code as many times as you want within the 60-day timeframe.


To qualify for the 15% discount on shipping fees, you must:

  • Be a Nigerian Geegpay user
  • Shop and pay with your Geegpay USD virtual card
  • Choose FEZ DELIVERY for shipping your items to Nigeria and use the code RAENEST15 when requesting shipping

Fez Delivery Terms and Conditions:

  • Please note that the minimum weight requirement for the US and UK is 5kg, and 10kg for China.
  • Always tag your package with "Your Name - Fez Delivery”
  • Estimated timelines for delivery to Nigeria are: For China and US: 7-10 working days. For UK: 3-7 working days

Customer Support:

  • Any shipping complaints or order-related support issues will be handled by FEZ DELIVERY. Please contact for UK support issues, for US support issues, and for China support issues.
  • If you have any questions or trouble using the Geegpay virtual dollar card, send us a message in the app using the Live Chat button or send an email to