Geegpay Diaries: How Tomide went from wanting to become a Pilot to becoming a Software Engineer & Loving it

Not a lot of people can say they love their work or what they do for a living. More than a handful of people have jobs because they need the financial freedom that comes with it, and oftentimes, it’s seen as a means to an end.

So, listening to Tomide speak about what he does for a living and the path that led him to where he is right now was like a breath of fresh air.

In our new series called Geegpay Diaries, we’d be speaking to people who have; through life's ups and downs, found a way to find solace in what it is they do.

First up we have Tomide, the Software Engineer.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi, My Name is Ayotomide and I’m a Software  Engineer. I love my work and I'm a strong introvert

Do you think you’re an introvert because you work from home?

Um, I’d say yes. I think a lot of people who primarily work from the comfort of their homes, at some point, start to see outside interactions as stressful and expensive, especially if you live in Lagos. The cost of living in Lagos is high.

You’re preaching to the choir! So, how did you get into your career as a Software Engineer?

Becoming a Software engineer wasn’t my first dream. I wanted to be a pilot when I was younger, but there wasn't enough encouragement or resources to motivate me. So, that dream faded away.

I'd attribute my love for tech to my friends; they sort of pushed me in this direction. The curiosity of knowing what goes on behind the scenes, seeing things and wanting to know how they work. Then, in secondary school, I made up my mind that I was going to become a software engineer. My dream was to build my first laptop.

Did that ever happen?

Hahaha, dreams change.

Fair enough. 

So yeah, I started working from school, and it helped that the community of engineers there was super welcoming and I could find a lot of resources online, so it was easy to start. The community made my interest in this career path fun for me. Also, receiving praise and critiques for your work is the dream of every engineer, and I’m living that dream.

You sound like you love what you're doing and you've found your "calling."

Yeah, that’s how I opened up when you asked me to tell you more about myself. I said, "I love what I do," and I really meant it.

That's great…how long have you been a software developer for?

5+ years.

During your span of over five years, have you encountered any difficulties or hurdles in receiving payments from your clients?

Yes, of course. Delayed payment was a pain in my neck. But then I'd say my biggest challenge was opening a domiciliary account (an account for foreign currency). I had to use a couple of friends' accounts to receive payments, which was stressful. Also, having people know how much I’m getting paid and all of that, there was no room for privacy. When I finally opened my dom account, some contractors still had issues paying into it. I had to increase the limit, and after some time, it got easier. But the other challenge, the delay, was still there – waiting 3 to 4 days before I got the money, depending on when they made the payment. Oh, and also, how can I forget? The challenge of getting dollars in cash. Nawa.

How did you hear about Geegpay?

I actually found Geegpay when I was on another platform, and my first transaction didn't go through. It was very stressful to get it sorted, so I started to look for alternatives, and it popped up on Google. Remember I had PTSD from the first platform I used, so when I saw Geegpay, I was a bit sceptical and thought to myself, "Will this one work like this?"

Fortunately, a friend of mine said he knew about Geegpay when I asked around, and that’s how I signed up and did my transaction. What made me love it was how fast my transaction was. It felt like I was doing a bank-to-bank transaction. I thought to myself, this can't be real. After my first and second transactions, I just knew I had found my people, and it's been smooth sailing since.

Aw, that’s great! I’m so glad you had a wonderful experience.
So how do platforms like Geegpay support professionals in your field?

It motivates individuals to pursue remote employment opportunities and bridges the gap for receiving financial compensation, whether in Nigeria or any other location.

For a while, I felt confident that I was separated from the financial mess going on around us. I figured leaving my money in my Dom account didn’t yield anything, and I was probably even losing more because I was paying for maintenance. I'm better off leaving it somewhere else and sort of making it like a savings account. So, it kind of gives you a safe haven. You can leave your dollars without having to worry about financial decisions from the federal government. Before you know it, you can only withdraw 20 dollars over the counter.

Haha, I reserve my comments.

Anyways, it boosts morale, and you can confidently go in search of more remote jobs that pay in foreign currency.

So for someone with a successful career like yours, do you have any advice for someone looking to start on a similar path?

Thank you for the compliment…lol. I'd say just have patience; you'll eventually get there. I didn't get to where I am overnight. Don't give up, even when things are looking rough. Just keep doing what you're doing and improving yourself. Someone, one day, will notice, and the sky will be the starting point from then on.

What’s your golden rule when it comes to managing your finances?

It’s simple. 60-40.

Can you explain further?

Save 60% and spend 40%. Spend below your income rate.

It’s hard though.

Yes, but for me, I grew up as a hard-earned saver, and now I'm so used to it that I unconsciously save. So, that’s it. Once in a while, you can splurge, but if you can’t afford it and it’s not needed, save your money!!!