Geegpay Virtual Dollar Cards: All of Your Questions Answered

The new Geegpay virtual dollar card is officially available. You can create yours today for only $1 on the app.

Do you have questions about the new Geegpay virtual dollar cards? We have the answers below:

Question 1: What is a virtual dollar card?

Answer: A Geegpay virtual dollar card gives you access to a secure online shopping experience. Shop anywhere globally, pay for software and renew your music/movie streaming subscriptions anytime.

Question 2: Can I use my virtual dollar card to shop on AliExpress?

Answer: You definitely can shop on AliExpress with the Geegpay virtual dollar card. Add it to your cart and checkout with ease.

Question 3: Can I receive payments on my virtual card?

Answer: Yes, you can with the lowest fees in the market right now. Only STRIPE, UPWORK, FIVERR BREX, and DEEL payments are accepted.

Question 4: Can I use my virtual dollar card to pay/renew my online subscriptions?

Answer: Yes, you can easily pay for Twitter, Apple Music, Spotify, and Netflix with the Geegpay virtual dollar card.

Question 5: How do I find my billing address on the app?

Answer: Open the Geegpay app, tap on "Cards," then tap on "Billing Address." Copy & paste your details to any desired platform.

Question 6: Do I need a new card if I already had one from before?

Answer: Yes you do. Your old card becomes inactive and you can create a new Geegpay virtual card at no extra cost. With your new card, you get to receive payments, pay for travel and IELTS fees,  enjoy 3D secure transactions while shopping online & more.

Question 7: How secure are Geegpay virtual dollar cards?

Answer: Our 3D Secure USD virtual card acts like your personal online shopping bodyguard. Whenever you use our card, you get an extra verification step. This ensures only YOU authorize payments, keeping your funds safe.

Have questions? Visit our mobile app's "Live Chat" to speak directly to a customer service agent. We’d love to resolve any inquiry you may have.