Shopping on AliExpress In Nigeria: Haul Hacks for Beginners and Pros

Are you planning your first shopping spree on AliExpress? Or maybe you're a seasoned pro. Either way, April is an add-to-cart type of month,  and we’ve got the sweetest guide for mastering the art of the AliExpress haul!

For Newbies: Getting on the AliExpress website or app for the first time can be overwhelming for a new shopper. Take a deep breath, and see a couple of pointers to make it easier below;

  • Use the Search Bar: AliExpress has tons of filters! Use them by price, shipping speed (estimated delivery time is important!), and customer ratings. This helps you find hidden gems and avoid getting lost in the vast marketplace.
  • Read The Reviews: Other than us, reviews are your best friend! Read them to check product quality, seller reliability, and even sizing info (especially for clothes). 
  • Check for Awoof Deals: AliExpress loves deals! Look out for new customer discounts, store coupon coins, category discounts, and platform-wide sales to help save money.

For Pros: There are a few tricks to wow even the most seasoned shopper below;

  • Negotiate: Many sellers on AliExpress are open to haggling! Send polite messages asking about discounts, especially for bulk orders. You might be surprised by the amount of money you’ll save.
  • Flash Sales: Get the app, turn on notifications, and keep your eyes open for flash deals. These limited-time discounts offer amazing prices on all sorts of products. Be quick though, these deals disappear faster than hot jollof rice!
  • Niche Category Finds: Go beyond the obvious. Explore lesser-known categories for unique finds. From home improvement tools to arts and crafts supplies, AliExpress has a secret stash for every niche.

For Every Shopper: Here are smart tips for everyone looking to shop on AliExpress below;

  • Grab A Geegpay Dollar Card: Smart shoppers prioritise secure and convenient transactions. Get a virtual dollar card on the Geegpay app at only $1 for your AliExpress purchases. It’s a 3D secure card that allows you to set spending limits and track your transactions. The Geegpay virtual dollar card is also accepted across other global online stores like ASOS, Shein, Amazon, Wish and more. 
  • Free Shipping: When shopping on AliExpress,  look for free shipping options to Nigeria. Many sellers offer them, especially for smaller items. This can significantly reduce your overall cost.  However, for items with paid shipping,  be sure to factor in the estimated delivery time when making your purchase decisions.

And that’s it. Now you’re ready for your AliExpress haul! 

Please note: This content is intended for general information only and does not constitute professional advice (legal, tax, or financial).