How Geegpay Fees Work

If you’re wondering which global payment platform has the lowest fees, the answer is simple: Geegpay.

With a Geegpay account, you instantly get a free virtual EUR, GBP, and USD wallet and a wallet in your local currency. So, for instance, if you’re in Nigeria, Ghana, or Kenya, you get an NGN, Cedis, or Shillings virtual wallet respectively. You also only pay for what’s necessary --no hidden or outrageous fees. 

From free money transfers to zero currency conversion fees, our customers love us because we’ve hacked international payments. 

Here’s a breakdown of Geegpay’s fees and pricing:

With Geegpay, transparency is key. We want freelancers and anyone who receives global payments to enjoy their hard-earned money, save, and spend on what matters.

Get started with a Geegpay multi-currency account today, and receive international payments easily and affordably.