How Many Looks Can You Create with $55 at Shein? (Men's Edition)

Let’s face it, at heart, most men are fashionistas — on a budget that is. From revisiting the Met Gala outfits on weekdays to looking forward to hanging out with the guys on weekends and watching football – we want to look cool while at it, even while wearing the same black polo shirt and five-year-old blue pair of jean trousers.

Today is the day all of that goes away. And we don’t have to empty our wallets while doing it. We’re going to shop from Shein with a budget of $55 to create stylish outfits for men.

Ready? Let’s go!

  • Look 1: Chill Weekend (Total: $23.59)

White Loose Fit Men's Solid Color Button-Up Shirt

White Loose Fit Men's Solid Color Button-Up Shirt

Price: $6.95

A classic white button-up is a wardrobe must-have for a man. This loose-fit option from Shein is perfect for those hot days. Wear it for a laid-back look when hanging out with friends and loved ones.

Striped Casual Shorts

Striped Casual Shorts

Price: $5.84

A pair of comfortable striped shorts are the perfect combination to rock this “look 1”. The casual style keeps things relaxed, while the stripes add a touch of personality.

Black Casual Sandals

Black Casual Sandals

Price: $10.80

Finish it off with a pair of versatile black sandals. They go well with everything.

  • Look 2: Summer-Body Vibes (Total: $11.89)

Striped Shirt and Pants Paired Set

Pair of striped shirt and pants

Price: $9.49

A striped shirt and pants set is very convenient for when you want to reach into your wardrobe, grab an outfit and still look good.

Black Casual Pair of Sandals

Black casual pair of sandals

Add a casual touch by combining it with the black sandals from “Look 1” and you’re good to go.

Baseball Cap

Baseball cap

Price: $2.40

Add a bit of extra rizz to your outfit with a baseball cap. It also helps to shield your eyes from the sun.

  • Look 3: Smart Casual (Total: $19.47)

Striped Shirt and Pants Paired Set

Striped shirt and Pants Paired Set

Remember the striped shirt and pants set from “Look 2?” Bring the shirt out! The versatility of stripes allows you to wear it on its own.

Black Tapered Slant Pocket Pants

Black Tapered Slant Pocket Pants

Price: $6.69

These tapered pants were made for only a real “oga”. They offer a sophisticated look and the slant pockets add a touch of detail.

White casual pair of sneakers

White casul pair of sneakers

Price: $12.78

A white pair of sneakers is a classic choice that goes with everything. Swap the sandals for these to complete the look.

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There you have it! Boss looks from Shein for only $55. Now you can shop from Shein with confidence, knowing you're getting the most out of your budget. Remember – looking good doesn't have to cost a fortune!

Please note: This content is intended for general information only and does not constitute professional advice (legal, tax, or financial).