Geegpay Design and Front-End Challenge: Unleash Your Creativity

Are you a design enthusiast or a front-end wizard looking to showcase your skills and win exciting prizes? Look no further! Geegpay, in collaboration with superstar, Davey Herbert, invites you to participate in our Design and Front-End Challenge. Here's everything you need to know about this thrilling competition:

UI Design Challenge:

Create a mobile app UI for a fitness tracking application that encourages users to set personalized fitness goals, track their progress, and participate in community challenges. Include features such as a user profile, goal setting, activity tracking, and a social feed for sharing achievements. Consider a clean and intuitive design, ensuring a seamless user experience across various devices. Submit your design files, user flow diagrams, and a brief rationale for your design decisions after the 4-day period.

Submit here

Front-end Challenge:

Your task is to craft a responsive and visually appealing analytics dashboard, as seen below. Emphasize a sleek and user-friendly design to guarantee a smooth experience across different devices.

Here is the Figma link: Analytics Dashboard

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Design and Front-End Challenge - Mechanics


  • The challenge will run for 4 days. The last day for submission is on the 27th of January 2024 by 6pm.


  • There will be four winners.
  • Each winner will receive a prize of 250 USD.
  • Prizes will be credited to the winners' Geegpay USD wallets.

Submission Method:

  • Participants will create and post their final entries on Twitter, tagging @DaveyHert and @geegpay_hq with relevant hashtags ~ #GeegpayDesignChallenge, #GeegpayFrontEndChallenge
  • Entries must be posted as individual posts on the participant's profile.
  • Participants will also submit their entries via this link: Submit here

Submission Requirements:

  • Entries should showcase the participant's design and front-end skills.
  • Designs can include website mockups, user interfaces, interactive elements, or any other relevant front-end work.
  • Each entry must be accompanied by a brief description or caption explaining the design concept and the technologies used.
  • Participants must tag both Davey Herbert and Geegpay in their posts to ensure visibility.


  • Participants must include the designated challenge hashtags in their posts to track entries collectively. Example: #GeegpayDesignChallenge, #GeegpayFrontEndChallenge

Judging Criteria:

  • Entries will be judged based on creativity, functionality, user experience, and overall design aesthetics.
  • Originality and innovative use of front-end technologies will be highly valued.
  • The judging panel will consist of experts from Geegpay and Davey Herbert.

Winner Announcement:

  • The four winners will be announced on a specified date following the conclusion of the challenge.
  • Winners will be notified through direct messages on the respective social media platforms.

Prize Distribution:

  • The prize money (250 USD) will be credited directly to the Geegpay USD wallets of the four winners.
  • Geegpay will coordinate with the winners to facilitate the seamless transfer.


  • Geegpay and Davey Herbert will actively promote the challenge on their official social media accounts to encourage participation and showcase the talent of the participants.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Participants must follow Geegpay on the social media platform where they submit their entry.
  • Submissions should adhere to the platform's community guidelines.
  • Plagiarism or the use of copyrighted material without proper attribution will result in disqualification.

By organizing this challenge, Geegpay aims to engage the design and front-end community, showcase creativity, and foster a positive and collaborative online environment. We look forward to seeing your incredible entries.