3 Powerful ChatGPT Prompts for Freelancers Building Their Personal Brand on Social Media


Introduce yourself to ChatGPT so it can know a little bit about your brand:

Hi ChatGPT, I’m a freelance [your profession] in the [your industry/niche] industry. My target audience is [include your ideal customer]. I want to build my personal brand on social media in the coming month and I want you to help me write the content. These are the social media platforms I focus on: [include the social media platforms where you want to be present]. I want to be seen as an authority in my field and share valuable content that would make me stand out and draw in my target audience. Can you suggest 3 content pillars my audience would find valuable and help me build my brand?


Once you’re okay with the content pillars suggested, ask ChatGPT to: Generate 4 different social media posts for each of the content pillars. Use a mix of [include the format you want e.g., Carousel, Reels, Threads, etc.]. Each post should have a strong hook that makes the viewer click or swipe. For each of the content you create, repurpose it for the other platforms. My tone and style of writing is [include your tone and writing style e.g., professional, friendly, authoritative, casual].


Once you’re okay with the proposed posts, ask ChatGPT to: Arrange this information in a content calendar using a table format. The day and date will be in the first column and the type of post and the format will be in the second column. The text/copy will be in the third column, and the repurposed version for other platforms will be in the fourth column. Captions will be in the fifth column. I want to post from each pillar weekly and on all the platforms I listed earlier. Use a line to separate each week. These are my posting days: [add your posting days. E.g: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays]. Keep in mind that all repurposed content goes up the same day and does not serve as new posts.

Pro Tip: 

Don’t just copy and paste. Review the results, highlight the parts you want to make further edits to, and ask ChatGPT to rewrite. Copy the best results into your writing platform and rewrite them again and again, adding your own personal touch until you get the desired outcome. Make sure the final result is in your voice.


These prompts were designed for ChatGPT Plus, but will also work on the free version. However, you might see better results with the upgraded version. ChatGPT is currently offering users a free trial (with limitations), so you can use the opportunity to try these prompts. You can also upgrade to the premium version of ChatGPT, which currently costs about $20. Easily pay with the Geegpay Virtual Dollar Card to upgrade. Download the Geegpay app to create and use the card instantly.