Spotify vs. Apple Music vs.Youtube Music: Which is the best?

Music streaming ignited the industry in 2008 with the launch of Spotify. Subsequently, Apple Music and YouTube Music emerged as major competitors. This fierce competition for our ears and hearts continues to this day. Each platform brags to reign supreme in its rights, even though they all share similar features.

How then can anyone know which is the best music streaming platform to use?

We’ve got you covered with the ultimate music showdown consisting of five (5) rounds to reveal each platform’s strengths and weaknesses.

Round 1-  Socials:

Music streaming has gone beyond just listening to your songs alone and dancing in the room. Now, you can share this experience with countless others too. Playlists can be created and sent to friends - who can then add their own songs too. You can also collaborate on mixes with loved ones from across the world on Spotify with a feature called “Blend”  and even see what your favourite artists are listening to.

Although Apple Music offers a more curated scene and also the ability to react to songs on each playlist with emojis, Spotify takes the crown here with its seamless design for collaboration. YouTube Music fails to impress in this aspect.

Winner: Spotify

Round 2- Playlists:

Spotify creates playlists such as Discover Weekly, and Artist Mixes using machine learning. Apple Music on the other hand tailors your playlists according to your listening history and creates playlists such as New Releases, mixes and more under the overall bucket called Top Picks for You.

Spotify’s playlists are robust and Apple Music offers a full listening experience across genres.

YouTube users can create their own radio stations and playlists tailored to their taste with filters such as artist variety, music discovery and more.

Winner: Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube (Draw)

Round 3 - Features:

Spotify is the only streaming platform of the three to have a podcast feature, a personal DJ powered by AI, audiobooks, and videos that can be swiped in the playlist — all included in the app.

The Apple Music app has live concerts where users can watch their favourite artists perform right on their screens. They also have a feature called “Station” where users can tune in and listen to channels like Radio 1, catch up on the latest happenings and watch exclusive artist interviews. If you love Karaoke, you’ll love Apple Music’s “Sing Along” feature where users can play the lyrics and sing to their favourite music with only the instrumentals on.

If the song or video exists, it can be found on YouTube Music. This platform is perfect for discovering remixes, duets, and covers - all of which can be used as alarms on your phone. Also, users can upload their own music library directly to YouTube Music as well as watch the latest music videos directly on their devices.

Winner: Spotify

Round 4: Sound

Apple Music sets the bar high with amazing features such as lossless audio and Spatial Audio. Spotify and YouTube offer equaliser settings but both fall short of true audiophiles.

Winner: Apple Music

Round 5: Cost

Each service offers a similar monthly price tag. And guess what? You can pay for the premium version of any of these streaming services with a Geegpay virtual dollar card. It costs only $1 to create. It can also be used for in-app purchases within these music apps!

Winner: Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube (Draw)


Spotify takes the win! Although, the best platform depends on your priorities. Do you crave a social music experience? Spotify might be your best bet. Are you an audiophile looking for the best highs, lows and mids? Apple Music might be perfect for you. Do you want music videos alongside your tunes? Youtube Music might be your harmony.

“Music no need permission to enter your spirit”

  • Chike, Mohbad