Fear Women: Celebrating the Power and Resilience of Women

In a world often quick to dismiss the capabilities of women, and where the popular slogan "fear women," suggests that women are conniving or irrational, Raenest launches a campaign to redefine its meaning. When we say: Fear Women, we mean fear them in the way you fear a force of nature — powerful, unstoppable, and capable of incredible things.

Women across the world have faced constraints that have hindered their ability to grow and yet they have excelled. Career choices for women used to be so limited and many of them had to choose between personal fulfilment and professional success. But now women believe they can have it all. Look around. Women are entrepreneurs, founders, executives, and leaders across every industry (music, fashion, design, tech, healthcare, hospitality, and many more). They’re starting businesses and providing solutions, defying those limitations, and redefining success. 

According to the World Bank Group, female entrepreneurs make significant contributions to economic growth and to poverty reduction around the world. The report states that in the US alone, women-owned firms are growing at more than double the rate of all other firms, and contribute nearly $3 trillion to the economy. These firms are also directly responsible for 23 million jobs. While in developing countries, there are about 8 million to 10 million formal small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with at least one female owner.

This Women's Month, we take a moment to celebrate the incredible achievements, resilience, and leadership of women who have broken barriers, overcome challenges, and played pivotal roles in shaping businesses and communities.

At Geegpay and Raenest, we're proud to witness this firsthand. We have a community full of  business women, female entrepreneurs and freelancers, business partners and investors who inspire us every day. We also have strong, inspiring women leading the charge across various departments in our company. 

Take our customer support lead, Ada Nwachukwu, who navigated the challenge of establishing herself as a leader by prioritising continuous learning, being ready for change and adapting and refining her approach to work. She’s also ensured she exceeds beyond expectations whatever opportunities she gets. And she leads with integrity, carrying her team along and prioritising the needs of the people she serves — a hallmark of true leadership.

Our compliance and risk management lead, Oluwatoyin Fakorede, emphasises that becoming a leader means constantly learning regulations, best practices, and new trends. She also believes that building relationships with stakeholders is key and you also need to think ahead, keep learning, and be ready to adapt.

On the other hand, our people and culture lead, Yetunde Salawu, highlighted how more women lead with empathy which is important when building company culture and employee engagement. Some of the skills she honed include problem-solving, clear communication, and emotional intelligence 

For Cynthia Orji, our content lead who has witnessed many women take the backseat in the workplace, she states that as a leader she continues to motivate and mentor women she leads so that more successes are recorded for women because when more women work, economies grow

All of these women’s achievements exemplify the true meaning of "fear women".

Beyond the workplace, women globally are redefining success beyond traditional measures. Success now encompasses not only capitalist achievements but also physical and well-being success, and success measured by relationships and contributions to the community.

Raenest’s "Fear Women" campaign acknowledges their hard work and make-things-happen spirit in and out of the workplace. We also pledge to continue to support women empowerment by fostering a workplace where everyone's voice matters and ensuring gender balance across all levels of the organisation. 

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