Everything You Need to Know About Creator Payouts on Facebook and Instagram

All creators create, but not all creators get paid for their creations. Meta for creators is changing that narrative. With Meta monetisation tools, you can earn money by sharing your content on Facebook and Instagram via in-stream ads, branded content, and fan subscriptions.

The system has broad categories broken down into Facebook Stars, Performance Bonus and Monetisation Tools to allow creators to get paid however way they choose. Creators in Nigeria will be eligible for monetisation by June.

Instagram & Facebook Stars

If you’re a video creator, this is perfect for you. With this method, you can monetise your video streams — live videos, and reels. Your viewers (fans) buy Stars and send them to you during your stream. Meta pays $0.01 for every Star gotten.

You can enable and disable Stars on your content by clicking the 3 dots at the top of your reel or post.

Note: You need to follow community rules, and content policies, and check your eligibility for your content.

Performance & Challenge Bonuses

Joining a Bonus programme allows creators access to earn money based on the performance of their content and milestones reached. You can join more than one programme depending on your eligibility. Challenge bonuses allow creators to earn surprise rewards.

How To Get Paid

Payments by Meta are usually made every month — subject to compliance with all applicable terms and policies at all times.

You can easily connect your Geegpay USD account as your payment method in Creator Studio on your page.

Read on how you can onboard your payouts on mobile and desktop.

Remember, engage with your audience, create high-quality content, and use multiple monetisation tools. Consistency and audience interaction are key. Good luck!