7 Best Last-Minute Eid Gift Ideas for your Friends and Family

It feels like the month of Ramadan went by so fast. If you didn’t get enough time to complete your Eid shopping and you still want to spoil your friends and family, we spoke to some of our colleagues (shoutout to Anisa, Aminat, and Nasir)  and scoured the internet to find unique gifts you can get for your loved ones this Eid.

We also know it can get tiring finding the best gifts and not being able to pay for them because of card restrictions, that’s why we launched the Geegpay virtual dollar card to make shopping on local and international websites a whole lot easier. 

Look through our list for some inspiration and head over to the Geegpay app to generate a virtual dollar card instantly to shop and have your gifts delivered to your loved ones in time for Eid celebrations.

Abayas, Thobes, Scarves, Hijabs, and Jalabiyas

It’s customary for Muslims to look and wear their best clothes on Eid day, so we believe that Muslim clothing and accessories would make the perfect gift for both men and women. We love this Hassani's RMDN 24 collection which features male, female, and children’s clothing. 


Reading the Holy Quran increases knowledge and helps Muslims live right. So a journal to study the Quran and its Tafseer would make the perfect Eid gift. It’s also great for reflections, and writing down your thoughts in regards to your faith. Here’s one we found on Amazon, and you can pay for it now with your USD virtual card

Oud Perfume

Gifting someone their favourite scent or any good fragrance feels personal. Perfumes usually range from affordable to expensive, last long, and are suitable gifts for any gender. An oud perfume ticks all of these boxes. If you want to leave a lasting impression on someone dear to you, get them an oud perfume for Eid.

Incense and Incense Burner 

Just like perfumes, incense have a variety of scents that fit any preference. They also last long and can be used for different purposes like purifying and cleansing the environment, making a space smell nice, or creating a relaxing atmosphere. Your friend or family member will appreciate this gift.

Travel Prayer Rug

A soft, durable, and portable Muslim prayer rug is a thoughtful gift for someone who travels a lot or loves to pray outside their home. They come in different colours, textures, fabrics, or styles so you’re sure you’d have options. Plus, you can never have too many prayer rugs.

Food Basket

You can’t go wrong with a delicious food basket, platter, or hamper. Bringing food to a loved one's home on Eid takes away the stress of cooking and is also a great addition if there’s a party happening. The best part is you can choose to either make the food yourself to give it a more personal touch, or you can simply order different food platter combos like these from Yellow Plate.

A Book

For the book-lover, an Islamic book will make an excellent Eid day gift. This Big, Little Steps book by Mathilde Loujayne helps women “discover Islam from a feminine perspective” and Happiness every day: 365 Daily Happy Tips serves as a practical guide for Muslims to “integrate happiness into their every day of the year”.

Whether it’s this 2024 Eid or future Eid celebrations, these gifts are sure to put a smile on the face of the receiver. You can set spending limits on your virtual dollar card so you stay under budget and not go overboard with your spending when you shop with the Geegpay USD card. The cards are 3D Secure and work on local and international websites. Click here to get one now for only $1, and start shopping.

Eid Mubarak to you and your family. May Allah bless you with happiness and peace.